Frequently Ask Questions.
Here you'll find answers to the most common questions about LapGuru.

Getting Started / Infrastructure Related

What are the infrastructure requirements in order to use LapGuru?
Do I need to have a Video Grabber Card to watch the surgery transmission?
Can I use the inbuilt speakers and microphone of my laptop for communicating with other surgeons?
How to connect Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Camera Control Unit (CCU) to the computer?
I get good Internet speed on my desktop, however I do not get same kind of speed on the laptop.

LapGuru Registration/ Becoming a member

Who can register on LapGuru Portal?
Is registration mandatory to watch/transmit any surgery video?
How do I become a member on LapGuru/ How to register on the LapGuru portal?
I have filled up the registration form and got a pop-up message saying You are successfully registered on LapGuru. We have mailed you the login details on your email. However, I did not get any email.
I do not remember the password which I had set for my LapGuru login. How can I retrieve it?

Broadcasting LIVE Surgeries

Creating/Editing/Deleting Surgery Schedule

I have a transmitter access on LapGuru. What is the procedure to transmit the video of my live surgery?
I want to transmit the video of my live surgery, but I cannot see any button/ link for scheduling a new surgery event.
I had created a new surgery schedule. However I am unable to find the same on the Live Surgeries tab now.
I have created a surgery transmission for a particular date; however my plan is changed now. Can I make the changes in scheduled date & time for my surgery?
Can I cancel/ delete a surgery schedule that I have created?
I wish to broadcast my surgery on LapGuru. Can I provide restricted access for watching the same only to people I wish to invite to watch my surgery?
I would like to broadcast a conference having surgery transmissions from hospitals at multiple locations. Can the viewers watch all surgeries together?

Audio/ Video Related

I am able to transmit the surgery video; however the viewers cannot hear my voice.
There is lot of disturbance in the audio and other surgeons cannot hear my voice properly.
I am showing the surgery transmission to a group of people in an auditorium. However, when I speak, there are multiple voices created and that creates a lot of disturbance.
I clicked on Start transmission button however the video did not start.
I had started the video transmission of my live surgery, however the video got stuck in between/ I was watching the video transmission, however the video got stuck in between.
I am using LapGuru for training purpose. The quality of the surgery video on my computer is good, but the quality on the projector screen is blurred.

Viewing Live/Recorded Surgeries

What is the procedure to watch any surgery transmission of my choice?
I am unable to watch any video after clicking on Watch Transmission button.
I am connected to watch a surgery transmission. However, the video quality is poor.
Can I quit watching a surgery video in between?
I clicked on Exit transmission button while I was watching a surgery transmission. Can I re-connect to watch the same surgery?
Can I watch a past dated surgery video?
After clicking on Play on the Adobe Flash Player window, I got an error message- Shockwave Flash has crashed and can see a blank window.

Using LapGuru’s Key features

What is Doodle function?
While I was watching surgery transmission I had drawn some arrow marks and circles on the screen. However later on I clicked on Erase Shape button. Will this clear the marks on the other attendee's screens as well?
What are Infospots?
What is Attendees section?

Wish to become a Trainer, contribute your videos or broadcast CME workshops?

About LapGuru

LapGuru is a patent-pending Web based application for Training and Mentoring of Surgeons. It transmits LIVE Laparoscopic, Endoscopic and Open Surgeries via Internet. LapGuru is a boon for surgeons, who are interested in focused CME and wish to deliver their best to the patients. If you are a novice in a particular surgery, LapGuru can help you learn. Developed in collaboration with renowned surgeons and proficient technologists, LapGuru caters to the exact needs of the surgeon fraternity and help them make surgeries safer.


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