Lap Overian cyst

Surgeon(s)/Speaker(s): Dr. Lakshmi Kona

Surgical Procedure: Gynecology-Ovarian - Cyst

Location: Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad Somajiguda, Hyderabad


1. Enucleate inner true wall : * Enucleate inner true wall by peeling off outer wall till cyst pedicle * Tube is saved with peeled outer wall

2. Cutting of cyst wall : Pedicle connecting cyst wall to remaining ovarian tissue is cut using harmonic scalpel

3. Extracting Cyst wall : * Large cyst wall is extracted through 10mm umbilical port. * Wound-abdominal N/S wash.

4. Suturing : * 10mm port is closed using suture passer

port positions

1. Port position - Ovarian Cyst : * Veress needle through Palmer’s point * First 5mm port at Palmer’s point * 2nd 10mm port through umbilicus * Aspiration of cyst under vision using aspiration needle * 3rd 5mm port in left iliac fossa * 5cm Incision on pseudo-cyst wall to expose true cyst wall using hook dissector

Surgical Instruments

1. video camera unit

2. Grasper

3. Atraumatic grasper forceps

4. Bab cock

5. Blunt Dissector

6. ovarian biopsy forceps

7. Specimen retrieval bag

8. Uterine Manipulator

9. Bipolar forceps

10. curved scissors

11. Biopsy and grasping forceps