Urinary Catheterization

Conference Name: Benefits of Skill Lab & its importance

Conducted by: Dr. Prashant Sathe

Surgeon(s)/Speaker(s): Dr. Prashant Sathe

Surgical Procedure: General-Urinary Catheterization- Male

Location: Meditorch's Virtual Meet


1. Place the patient in the supine position with legs extended and flat on the bed :

2. Prepare the catheterization tray and catheter and drape the patient appropriately using the sterile drapes provided. Place the fenestrated (drape with hole) drape over the penis. :

3. Apply water-soluble lubricant jelly , commonly Xylocain 2 percent gel.to the catheter tip :

4. With your non-dominant hand, grasp the penis : Just below the glans and hold upright. If the patient is not circumcised, retract the foreskin.

5. Do not forget to replace the foreskin at the end of the procedure. :

6. With your dominant hand, cleanse the glans : Using chlorhexidine soaked cotton balls.

7. Place the drainage basin containing the catheter on or next to the thighs. :

8. At this time, you may use the gel to anesthetize the urinary canal : Which will minimize the discomfort.

9. With your dominant hand, insert the lubricated tip of the catheter into the urinary meatus. :

10. Continue to advance the catheter completely to the bifurcation : Until only the inflation and drainage ports are exposed and urine flows (this is to ensure proper placement of the catheter in the bladder and prevent urethral injuries and hematuria that result when the Foley catheter balloon is inflated in the urethra).

11. If resistance is met during advancement of the catheter, pause for 10-20 seconds. : Instruct the patient to breathe deeply and evenly. Apply gentle pressure as the patient exhales. If you still meet resistance, stop the procedure and repeat above steps with a smaller size.

12. Attach the syringe with the sterile water and inflate the balloon. : It is recommended to inflate the 5cc balloon with 7-10cc of sterile water, and to inflate the 30cc balloon with 35cc of sterile water. Improperly inflated balloons can cause drainage and leakage difficulties.

13. Gently pull back on the catheter until the balloon engages the bladder neck. :

14. Attach the urinary drainage bag and position it below the bladder level. : Secure the catheter to the thigh. Avoid applying tension to the catheter.