Live Operative Workshop Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass Mini Gastric Bypass OAGB MGB

Education event Sponsored by: FourZone

Conference Name: Live Operative Workshop - Bariatric

Conducted by: Dr. Parag Patel, Zydus Hospital, Anand

Surgeon(s)/Speaker(s): Dr. Parag Patel

Surgical Procedure: Bariatric-Mini Gastric Bypass

Location: GOBESITY, Zydus Hospital, Anand


1. Enter the lesser sac at Crows feet : Enter the lesser sac at Crows feet

2. Horizontal staple stomach at Incisura : Horizontal staple stomach at Incisura.

3. Vertical sleeve over 36F : Vertical sleeve over 36F.

4. Loop GJ 200 cm from DJ : Loop GJ 200 cm from DJ.

5. Measuring bowel : Bowel Measurement

port positions

1. Port Position MGB : Port Position MGB.


1. SCD (Sequential compression Device) : For DVT prophylaxis

2. SCD (Sequential compression Device) : Secure strapping of patient


1. Preoperative investigations : HOMOCYSTEINE :new:Haemogram :new:ELECTROLYTE PROFILE :new:HOMA IR :new:Liver Function Profile :new:Activated Partial :new:Thromboplastin Time (APTT) :new:INSULIN -FASTING SERUM :new:PHOSPHORUS SERUM :new:Calcium Total :new:TESTOSTERONE TOTAL :new:Thyroid Profile-1

2. Preoperative measures : Liquid diet for about 2 weeks @ 800 kcal per day :new:Pre operative optimization of co morbidities (eg: glycemic control , hypertension, hypothyroid etc) :new:Pre operative spirometry

3. Preoperative measures : Intravenous venous fluids. :new:DUF prophylaxis (SCD, Stockings) :new:Start thromboprophylaxis with after 6 hours :new:Early ambulation :new:Incentive Spirometry

4. Warning signs in the postoperative period : :new:Tachycardia :new:Hypotension :new:Drain output (constituency, amount) :new:Fever :new:Shortness of breath

Surgical Instruments

1. EndoZone Stapler

2. TriZone GC

3. Voyant Vessel Sealer

4. Epix Laparoscopy Instruments

5. Veress needle

6. 12 mm Trocar

7. 5 mm Trocar

8. 45 degree telescope

9. Harmonic Scalpel

10. Stapler

11. Suture

12. 9.8 mm Gastroscope

13. Grasper

14. Maryland Dissector

15. Energy source

16. Staple-line reinforcers

17. Orogastric tube

18. Bariatric Endostapler

19. Laproscopic 45 cm length instruments

20. Bougie 36 fr size

21. Liver Retractor

22. Visiports 12mm 3 nos